10 tips on fighting forum spam

"Okay, reading through this board, it's obvious that spam has become a really serious spam for a lot of admins. If you're a phpbb owner you'll see far more of it. It's a walking security vulnerbaility. Not only is phpbb commonly targeted by kiddie hackers, there are a huge number of bots and even worms on the net whose sole remit is to spam phpbb forums..."

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Russian Anti-Spam Chief Caught Spamming

"Ilya V. Ponomarev, a deputy of Russia's Duma�s Hi-Tech Development Subcommittee, has leveled shocking charges against a businessman, Pavel Vrublevsky, who served as a top anti-spam advisor to the nation."

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Spammer arrested on extortion charges

"A California man was arrested and charged with extortion following a threat he made to insurance company New York Life to send spam emails aimed at hurting the company's reputation. Anthony Digati of Chino, California also planned to send spam to the company in hopes of receiving $200,000."

What are the Internet's most dangerous search words? Bearshare and screensaver.

"The people who push malware love to trap victims via search. Security companies refer to what they do as "SEO poisoning." They identify popular search terms, figure out which ones are likely to bring them suitable targets, and then optimize pages so engines like Google and Bing display their results on the first page -- mixed in amongst the non-malicious pages you actually wanted to find."

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Idiot users still intentionally opening, clicking on spam

"Internet users are still opening their spam e-mail with abandon and clicking the links and/or opening the attachments within. These are the latest findings from the Ipsos Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG), which found once again that people continue to practice poor e-mail habits despite awareness of the consequences."

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Chinese city is world�s hacker hub

"A CITY in eastern China has been identified as the world capital of cyber-espionage by an American internet security company. The firm traced 12 billion emails in a study which showed that a higher number of �targeted attacks� on computers come from China than previously thought..."

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