Removal Requests posted by Josh on 04-02-2019 @ 6:40
Post all spammer removal requests in here.
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Dear Josh, please, delete 2 ip from blacklits: |REDACT|.37 |REDACT|.38 In july 2019 we create website (http://|REDACT|) with NS Records: ['|REDACT|.37'] [TTL=345600] ['|REDACT|.38'] [TTL=345600] These 2 IP in blacklist (spam in 2009 - old problem in mywot bad reputation too, not update).|REDACT||REDACT|
posted by MaxLon 08-07-2019 @ 1:37
Hi MaxL, We will get those removed momentarily.
posted by Josh *OPon 08-07-2019 @ 1:22
MaxL, sorry for the delay. I've been in the process of moving hosts. I am happy to report the IPs have been removed. We are also looking at our API and when to archive off stale IPs. Thank you for the suggestion.
posted by Josh *OPon 08-09-2019 @ 7:11
MaxL, we've recently implemented changes to limit the types and age of IPs we return as spammers. We hope this aligns with the nature of IPs that exists in the wild and provide better results for our API users.
posted by Josh *OPon 12-08-2019 @ 7:59
Hi, it seems that my IP somehow got on the spamlist (although the email is not. This prevents me to get into developer forums that I need to get into. So could you please remove it from the list?
posted by RGroteon 07-23-2020 @ 11:59
Hey RGrote...that IP in question has been removed for the DB. Please allow some time for that data to be removed from our cache. Thanks!
posted by Josh *OPon 07-24-2020 @ 7:29

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Any person/machine who is involved in the transmission of unsolicited messages in any sector of the Internet.

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