Terms of Agreement

This page serves as the contract between you ("user") and FSpamList ("we", "us", "site", "FSL", or "service"). By visiting/using this site, you agree to these terms. The terms may be updated at anytime; it is your responsibility to know what is in this document at all times.

You shall NOT:
  • Abuse this site and/or its services by any means. We define abuse.
  • Automatically collect, "scrape" (by any means) information from this site.
  • Redistribute any information/data found on this site.
  • Copy, change, or modify any information found on this site with the intent to redistribute.
  • Attempt to disrupt this site service by any means.
  • Intentionally attempt to submit falsified/faked spammer information to this site.
  • Register more than one (1) account.
  • Use your API key on more than one website entity.
  • Hold FSpamList liable for any damages of any kind resulting in the direct or indirect use of this site or its services.
  • Pay (monetarily or otherwise) for information/data found on this site.
  • Make monetary gains directly or indirectly from data provided by our services.
  • Send unrelated communications/solicitations to us.
You will:
  • Use this site at your own risk.
  • Use the site wisely.
  • Read all appropriate and relatable information if you have a question before contacting us.
  • Retain a kind and personable demeanor in your communications with the site admins.

Any breach of this contract of any kind will result justly in an immediate ban to the site and its services. We have the right to deny service to any user in any situation in which we see fit.

Any person/machine who is involved in the transmission of unsolicited messages in any sector of the Internet.

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